Claire Bowen


Career Adviser and Recruiter



After taking part in a two-week voluntary programme with The Prince‚Äôs Trust, I learned so much about how many people lived their lives facing multiple disadvantages. I was shocked and totally horrified to see that people were faced with many challenges to access education, let alone employment.  Coming from a more secure and safe family unit, I had no idea that there were many people who were not so fortunate as me, and so from this, I decided I needed to help, and embarked on my own career change in 2005, I returned to full time higher education.  


From the experience I gained from doing voluntary work I decided to change my career and I resigned from my full-time public sector job to attend University as a full time, mature student.  During my time at University, I was pondering over what types of role I could pursue to help me on my mission to help people who needed support. 

I decided that more work experience would help me make more informed career decisions, as it helped with my initial decision of returning to full-time education.  I had three career choices, social worker, teacher or career adviser.  I participated in work experience for each, and from further research, I was able to make an informed career choice and decided that I would train to become a qualified Career Adviser. 

Following the completion of my BA Hons. Education Studies and Social Inclusion, I completed the Postgraduate Qualification in Career Guidance (QCG), and then continued to complete an MSc in Career Guidance.


I have since worked for Careers Wales as an Education based Career Adviser, and Adult Career Adviser working with people from all skill levels including low-level jobs, offenders, long term unemployed through to senior level and Directors.  I decided to become self-employed in 2014 delivering recruitment, careers advice and guidance services.  I have significant experience of working as a Redundancy Coordinator for Wales, helping both employers and their employees who were at risk of losing their jobs.  Also, helping people who are looking for a career change whether it be an internal promotion or a complete career change and need advice and guidance on how to even begin the career change process.  In addition, I have many years experience helping and supporting South Wales Police Officers. 

Therefore, Career Prosperity delivers expert recruitment, career advice and guidance services specifically aimed at helping people who are looking for a career change since redundancy and people who are leaving their emergency service role.  Helping them with making effective career choices, CV Writing, Interview Techniques and Effective Job Search.

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